Apr 20, 2012

Chelsea FC - FC Barcelona 1-0 (Text & Photos)

Chelsea FC vs FC Barcelona (1-0)

Early Wednesday morning i made my way to the airport by train & bus.
It was suberb weather in Nykoping this day, sad to leave it actually since it had been really lousy weather the days before.

The touchdown in London was bumpy - bad weather and hard winds but the pilot took us safely to the ground.
After the landing i made my way outside to the bus station to catch a bus to central London.

In London about one hour later i made my way to Marble Arch area and the Cumberland hotel where i´ve been told by FC Barcelona that i could pick up my tickets.

It was only a short walk from where the bus stopped to the hotel so it was a perfect location.
Inside the hotel there was a long line for the ticket collection but since i was´nt in a hurry, i did relax for awhile.

Ticket collection were no problem and i became really happy when i saw that i got "Shed Upper" which means better overview of the pitch in my opinion.

Then i made my way to Trafalgar Square to meet up with all fellow Culés who had been requested to go there. When arriving at the Square it was very nice to see all red & blue everywhere and i became more and more excited for the upcoming game.

It started raining so i made my way to the "Silver Cross" pub which is located just of the Square.
Inside, there were alot of Culés and i grabbed some food and some beers to make time go faster.
Time went on and the pub started to fill up with Culés.. we started singing and had a great time.

After a couple of hours at the Silver Cross, i made my way to "Halfway II Heaven" which is a very small little pub on the other side of the Square.
There were alot of Blaugrana fans there, singing and having a blast.

After an hour of songs and chants we started our walk to the bridge through the streets of London and by the tube.
We got alot of attention by the people on the streets while we were chanting all the way.
Many people took photos and videotaped our trip to the Bridge.

While arriving to the Bridge i made it into the Stadium after that i had showed my ticket five times to the security outside the stadium. It was indeed alot of security, had to show my bag three times to different people of the staff including a drug dog.

Finally inside the stadium and i made my way up the stairs to check out my seat.
First impression is, yea.. this is nice. I got really good seats so i have nothing to complain over.

I ended up next to a guy who were from the UK and a Queens Park Rangers season ticket holder.
He said he hated Chelsea and were cheering for FC Barcelona aswell.
Sat there and chatted about almost everything and time went fast.

Game time!
Was really nervous, i had no feeling at all for the game and i just wanted FCB to get a good result to bring back to the Camp Nou.

It was quite cold this evening at Stamford Bridge so we - the fans started chanting to keep warm.
The game went on and Alexis Sanchez hits the crossbar. Oh, so close that we could have gotten that important away goal but no!

It was pretty unfair when Didier Drogba scored 1-0 in the added time of the first half to say atleast.
Oh well.. another 45 minutes to go, we can turn this around!

After a numerous of chances and minutes ticking away fast i started to loose faith.
When Pedro hit the post and Busquets missed an open goal on the rebound in the very last minutes of the game i understod that this game is about to end 1-0 Chelsea but that is how it is when you dont take care of your chances.

You can blaim Chelsea´s defensive play if you want but they played it really good, they did close down Barcelona´s offensive play really well and at some periods of the game Barcelona came nowhere at all.

FC Barcelona on the other side had some unluckiness but that is football. Sometimes you score and sometimes Lady Luck wants it the other way.

Overall this trip was really good with nice fans, good atmosphere and so on.
The only bad thing was that we did´nt got a better result back to the Camp Nou.

Now i am back at home in Sweden until Monday when i am a catching a plane to Barcelona to give my support to the team for the return leg.

See you there?

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