Apr 25, 2012

FC Barcelona - Chelsea FC 2-2 (Photos)

So here i am, in Galleries Lounge @ London Heathrow thinking about what went wrong..

The season is "over", i cant belive it.
2-0 up and one man more on the field, it was done - i was so sure.
But the Blues from London found a way to crush it all.

With superb defense and some luck they managed to proceed to Allianz Arena in Munich the 19th May by getting a 2-2 result this Tuesday evening.

I dont really know what to write, i am just so disappointed.
So disappointed that i decided to fly home earlier.
I had a flight back to Sweden on Thursday evening but i went to the airport and managed to use some points and cash to get me a pretty cheap Business class ticket home.

I just felt depressed when walking around in Barcelona so why not, thought it was better to go home, cool down and get back to normal life.

I am not writing anything about the game, i suppose you all saw it.
I think Ramires goal ruined it all, just before the half time.
It would have been great with a 2-0 lead in half time so we didn´t have to be so offensive and Chelsea would have been forced to go more offensive and that would have opened up for Barcelona.

* 1-0 Busquets
* 2-0 Iniesta
* 2-1 Ramires
* 2-2 Torres


TIFO / Player entrance: TIFO / FC Barcelona - Chelsea FC
Leo Messi / Penalty miss: Leo Messi Penalty miss


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